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Health Savings and Discount Programs to Control the High Costs of Health Care

HealthGuard Card has carefully researched affordable health care savings and discount programs to bring you the best available. Search, compare, and select from the many products and services on this site.

Click on the links below for details about featured programs which combine many popular benefits including discount dental plans, wholesale discount health plans, discount vision care, and a free discount prescription card. You'll love how you save money using these plans. Don't get caught paying full price for your health care.

Featured Health Care Savings and Discount Programs

Wholesale Programs - Custom designed bundled health benefits and savings plans created especially for our wholesale partners, including individual health producers.

My Free Health Savings Card controls rising health care costs by giving you discounts at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, plus savings on diabetic supplies, dental care, and more… This program has been completely revised and now includes an amazing number of new services.

HealthGuard Card provides services designed to complement and enhance the discounts and savings received with My Free Health Savings Card.

The Mission of HealthGuard Card is to Provide Affordable Health Savings and Discount Programs to Both Wholesale and Retail Marketing Channels

HealthGuard Card was created to provide the best choice of health savings and discount programs which offer maximum savings, pro-active customer service, and nationwide access. Wholesale marketing channels include internet marketers, insurance agencies, businesses, and associations. Retail marketing channels include insurance agents, sales professionals, and direct sales to individuals.

Health care savings and discount programs are designed to offer a choice to consumers, in particular those with pre-existing conditions and limited income. Because discount plans are NOT INSURANCE, there are no restrictions as to age or conditions. There is no waiting or administrative forms to complete. These programs can easily save much more than their cost by giving access to powerful features such as patient advocacy and telemedicine. Savings and discount programs are your affordable alternative to control the high costs of health care. /p>

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Health Savings and Discount Products are Your Affordable Alternative to Control the High Costs of Health Care

Your best choices for health care savings and discount plans, free pharmacy discount cards, legal service plans, identity theft protection, and many unique health products. The following is a list of products and services offered by Best Discount Benefits. Many are components of our bundled health care savings and discount programs. Click on any title for more complete details.